Our founders are among the very first Baby Boomers (although you could keep that a secret!) Being an integral part of the Boomer generation has inspired them to bring their many years of professional experience to the world of those experiencing exactly what they are!


Judy Friedman has extensive proficiency in designing, marketing and conducting dynamic and upbeat personal and professional development programs, including health and wellness, career to retirement transitions, work-life balance

She provides one-on-one coaching and classes for individuals experiencing career and life choice dilemmas. Participants discover rewarding opportunities based on their own wealth of experience, natural talents and proven skills.

For many years Judy has volunteered on the Boards of several community nonprofit organizations, including Conejo Senior Volunteer Program, Community Conscience and Senior Congress. It was within this volunteer community where Judy teamed up with Fran Brough.

Judy developed Boomer-Life as a natural result of her experience helping others transition, become comfortable with and embrace next life stages. She hopes you all find your next adventures as rewarding!


Fran Brough has been active in local nonprofit groups for over 20 years. During her working years, she was Executive Director for the Conejo/Las Virgenes Future Foundation where she became deeply involved with the quality of life issues in our region. After 13 years with this organization, it was time for retirement, which didn’t last long! Three years later she was called back into service by the California Museum of Art Thousand Oaks (CMATO). Although Fran did not have an art background, the skills she developed in her previous employment prepared her to help the museum in its formative years. She continues to work with CMATO as a volunteer on The Museum Council.

In 2009 Fran joined the Board of Trustees of Community Conscience and has served in a variety of executive positions and is currently President of its Board. She has also served as Chairman of its Mardi Gras Ball, the organization’s signature fundraiser.

In addition to Community Conscience, she has continued to work with the Future Foundation on their Senior Congress program and has chaired that event for the last four years. She is also on the Conejo Senior Volunteer Program Advisory Committee.

Fran loves connecting with people and Boomer-Life has given her another opportunity to stay involved in the well-being of her community.